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We use complex, automated and self-learning trading software, bringing high profits in a short period.

Official Company

Doubly LTD is officially registered in United Kingdom and can be verified here

Worthwhile Referral System

Doubly network has an attractive referral program, where additional commissions can be earned, just by promoting Doubly to new users.

Telegram Bot

Get even more! Doubly offers better control for your account. Thanks to our own developed Telegram Bot you can make payments, see daily interest, referral commissions and grab your free daily booster! Connect your Telegram account and enjoy the experience!

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Trading Packages


    • Minimum investment:

      Profit interval: hours

      Return on invest: 36 working days

      Package end: 72 working days

      Total return: 200%

    • /Day

    • VIP

    • Minimum investment:

      Profit interval: hours

      Return on invest: 22 working days

      Package end: 44 working days

      Total return: 200%

    • /Day

    • VIP Plus

    • Minimum investment:

      Profit interval: working days

      Return on invest: 18 working days

      Package end: 54 working days

      Total return: 300%

      30% SALE - only for a short time!

    • /Day

Referral System

Get 15% profits, paid daily to your wallet of your choice!

15% Referral Commission

Each time you refer a new user to Doubly, you will receive a 15% commission (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days) directly to your wallet from every deposit the user makes. Payments are instantly sent making our referral program a great way to fine-tune your earnings.

Instant Payment

Doubly is fully automated. Our top-notch Hosting services guarantee NO delays or down-time. We are aiming at making this experience as smooth as possible for everyone!

Secure and Professional

Doubly is using a daily-updated DDoS Protection and Global CDN Acceleration. Our Web Application is protected with strong firewall and EV SSL certificate. The safety of your funds has the biggest priority for us!


  • I am investing with Doubly since 4 months already! First I have started with the Exclusive Package and doubled my income in less than 2 months. Then I was able to buy the VIP package and I have doubled this, too! Now I have invested in a second VIP package and I am getting an income which I could never dream of. For me Doubly has the most advanced Trading System where it is safe that right trades are made!

    Michael Elberfield

    United Statses of America

  • Doubly offers a real good overview of one’s account without even having one! With their own Telegram Bot, I can see all details of my investments, e.g. returns, affiliates and much more directly on my phone! I never saw a platform which is that easy. This is the most user friendly platform in the market right now and because of their team you feel that your funds are invested safely!

    Kristina Schmidt


  • I am a big investor in the cryptocurrency industry and I never saw such an amazing project like Doubly. This project offers the easiest way to multiply one’s income. And the best is: you have a choice of 5 different cryptocurrencies. Currently I am preparing myself for the next bullrun. I personally think that it isn’t far anymore - maybe November/December again - but I don’t want to make forecasts. The only thing I want to tell you is, invest your funds with Doubly because they give you the best preparation for the next bullrun. With Doubly you can multply your coins and later multiply your income with the increase in value.

    Vladimir Klavencki


  • Privately I have a full-time job and do not have a lot of time to work on my earnings. I've been in the Crypto-Currency market for more than a year now, but I've never really had the chance to care about raising my funds. Recently I joined Doubly and I have to say: that's the solution to my problem! I've always wanted to work for getting rich, but I did not have the guts to quit my job just to take care of it. There are many risks involved. So I invested in Doubly and in such a short time I've already doubled my Crypto-Funds. I will definitely continue to invest because I'm sure that Doubly will open the doors to wealth for me.

    Joshua Mahon

    United Kingdom

  • Since a few months I am already searching for a good investment site to invest in. My definition of a good investment site is: worthwhile returns, long-term, easy use and helpful and experienced team. And this is all what Doubly has. Doubly offers a daily return of 4.50% daily, the project is long-term based because of the high experienced team and the support agents are very helpful. I invest in a lot of investment sites but now I will put everything in Doubly. Because this is the best investment site ever!

    Emilio Buerto


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Frequently Asked Questions

Doubly is an advanced system and successful company in the exciting world of trading crypto currencies. Doubly is using automated and self-learning trading program and aims at bringing high profits, passively and within the shortest possible time. By using our AI, you can take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from hundreds of profitable trading decisions in matters of seconds. The entire process is managed by a team of professional and experienced traders, this way eliminating the possibility of wrong decision.

Starting with Doubly is as easy as one-two-three! reason why we’ve created this practical video on our YouTube channel, you can view it here. If additional questions arise, please use our contact form and we will be happy to get back to you within minutes!

Currently, the minimum deposit is as low as 0.005 BTC/ 0.5 LTC/ 0.2 ETH/ 0.2 DASH/ 0.3 BCH. Each withdraw will be processed automatically in each 24 hour-period, from the time you’ve created the deposit. The total amount of deposits is unlimited as well as the maximum deposit value. Our current minimum withdraw limit is 0.002 BTC/ 0.3 LTC/ 0.08 ETH/ 0.08 DASH/ 0.06 BCH.
The Doubly Artificial Intelligence crypto trading bot is connected to tens of the most popular exchanges out there and it is closely supervised by our experts who control every single step, in order to make sure the profits are optimized properly.

Yes, it does! We would be pleased to have you as our partner and join our exciting referral program, which brings you a 15% commission after every single deposit your referral makes; the percentage is paid on a daily basis until the 15% target is reached (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days). The more users you refer, the more profit you gain – it is as pure and simple as that.
We process payouts from Monday to Friday. All returns no matter which package you have chosen are 0.5% during the week-end.
We offer advertising materials for our partners like ad banners and videos; feel completely free to use our advertising material. We also encourage creativity, so if you feel that you have an idea that could attract more referrals, then why not shoot videos about our company, advertise on appropriate banners, create a page or anything else. We like creative surprises!

Your deposit will appear as quickly as the Blockchain network confirms receiving your deposit. Immediately after, you will be able to see under the “Last Transactions” History window, under the “My Investments” tab. You can also use your personal link or paste your wallet address in the search field to track your deposit.
In order to use the Telegram Bot, all you have to do is to start the bot and submit your personal link, or click on the “Connect with Telegram” button at the web page to connect automatically.

Nothing to worry about. It happens all the time! Just add your transaction ID inside the “Your Last Transactions” text field and simply click on 'Search'. Immediately after, your complete payment History will be retrieved and shown.

No, you are not! Having multiple accounts under one holder or more holders in one household is a strict disregard against the terms and conditions! We use several security features to fetch multiple accounts. Should we recognize any suspicious occurrence, then all accounts related to this will be permanently blocked unless there is evidence that militates against blocking.
Each user account has its own pin, which is necessary to make a reinvestment or package releases. The pin will be automatically sent to your email after registration or an investment. You can request for your pin on the homepage at any time.

The money back guarantee is provided by our partner company FGI Limited, we have a contract with this insurance company which allows our customers to liquidate and pay back their investments under certain conditions.The complete package will be taken over by the FGI and will continue to run, so our customers are insured by the FGI and get an automatic payout on there deposited payout address after a manual check by the FGI.The FGI Ltd. charge a 20%-30% fee depending on the package type for the resolution of each package. A package can thus only be released if at least 20%-30% of the break even point of the investment is missing.To apply for the Money Back Guarantee, you must release a package in the my investments table on the website and click on the release button and enter your personal pin for confirmation.

You can see your team and your sponsor in our Telegram Bot. Connect the Telegram Bot with your personal link, go to Referral and then click on Team.